Frequently Asked Questions

Washcare of clothes, whether they should be washed at home or not?

Dry clean only.

Do you use pure and comfortable fabrics ?

Yes, we use pure fabrics, be it cotton, georgette, cotton silk, modal etc. The fabrics are always pure and comfortable for the baby’s skin.

Will the clothes itch/ hurt the child ?

No, we always provide cotton silk lining inside all our outfits so that they don’t hurt / itch the child at all.

Do you provide margins in your clothes ?

Yes we provide 2-2 inches margins in all our outfits, 1 inch on each side, except for the length of the kurta or the lehenga which cannot be increased later of course.

Can you make matching family or sibling outfits ?

Yes, we can. If we have a matching print or fabric that you like for your family or your children then we can customise it for you.

Can you customise outfits as per the choice of a client ?

Yes, since we have a vast variety of products and designs, any outfit / design a client likes, they can get in touch with us on a personal level via WhatsApp / call we can cater to all their needs and do all sorts of customizations in our capacity.